John Ruggero

Piano Tuning and Service

Highest level service for your piano

Serving Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, Apex, the Triangle Area and Central NC

I offer complete Piano Service and have experience in everything from concert prep to full rebuilding. 



Pianos should be tuned at least once per year. I tune by ear and at a concert level. Call for rates



Voicing is making the hammers either harder or softer to control the tone of the piano. Most pianos become brighter sounding over time and so voicing is necessary to soften them. Some pianos such as Steinways need tone building when they are new to make the hammers hard enough to produce enough dynamic range. Hourly rate. 



Pianos have lots of parts that have to be adjusted as they wear. Otherwise performance suffers and you won't enjoy playing your instrument. I offer complete regulation services. Hourly rate.

Complete action replacement

Grand action.jpg

Make your old action brand new with all new parts. 

Keytop replacement


Do you have keytops missing. I can replace missing keytops or recover the entire keyboard. I can also convert from ivory to plastic properly by routing the keys to the proper thickness.

Key Bushing replacement

Key bushing replacement.jpg

Do you have a lot of play in your keys? This could be because your key bushings need to be replaced. Key bushings take a lot of abuse and when they wear the action can feel sloppy and not crisp. Keys should have minimal play side to side. I replace key bushings in my shop instead of sending them to a production shop. 



Things feeling sluggish? Piano actions need lubrication to minimize friction. Not only does this make the piano feel better to play, but it reduces wear.  

Dampp Chaser installation


Dampp Chaser systems are one of the best defenses against the effects of seasonal humidity change. They help reduce fluctuations in the tuning stability and increase the life of your piano.